FAQ / Shop Policies

What are strings?

A strings journal is a simple but effective system where a piece of leather has elastics running through the centre which you slide notebook inserts of different variations into. Enabling you to hold multiple notebooks within one journal and interchange as needed.

 What are hybrids?

A hybrid journal is a mix of two different styles of journals, for example, a leather notebook cover with strings added so you can have your favourite notebook and the added bonus of inserts also.

What are covers?

A cover is a leather journal where a diary or notebook has the back or both covers inserted into leather pockets that are stitched to keep it in place.

What are rings?

A ringed journal is a leather journal that comprises of a ring binder at it's spine that allows users to add loose leaf inserts of their choosing.

Can I wash my leather?

No. I would always advise against washing leathers, water can damage and change the appearance of the leather and chemicals can break down the natural fibres of the leather. There are various products specifically made to feed and clean leathers.

Will my leather mark?

Dependent on the type of leather you have, some have a top coating on that give them an element of protection so that they will remain with that uniform look for longer. Whereas, other leathers will age and patina over time.

Where can I find refills?

To find a vast range of different sized and styled notebooks to fit your strings journal, your best place to look is Amazon or Etsy.

What sizes are there?